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Just uploaded this to my channel.  I loved this game so much! Its so damn fun! I laughed way to hard playing this lol. I highly recommend trying it out! Here's my video if you're interested in watching

This game made me laugh my ass off! it was way more difficult then I imagined, SAVE THE POTATOES!

Is this supposed to start VR alongside this? I also didn't have any audio

I'm an undeniable hero!

It made me want to rage quick but I DID IT!! :D,

Thanks for the pain :P

Please add Mac support

Challenging and fun to play!

This game was a lot more fun and complicated than I thought it would be. So much rage and so much laughter was had, great job!


YOU, Yes you there you're looking at this game like "huh" Well, to close your wide open mouth of what is this game. I did a little playthrough of it here

you're funny ^^ keep it up

I really, really enjoy playing this its a great concept with an awesome art style keep up the great work dev! 

Really liked this, wonderfully difficult

Love this game, its great being their Potato God!

This game is super fun! 

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It's hard work saving all the potato people but someone has to do it, right?!


The game is really fun! I like the moral dilemmas! 


Challenging, beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, love it! I'm definitely going to need to make another episode on this because man was this fun!

If you want a laugh >


Интересная игра!