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Winds of Revenge
Team Crybabies

You are angry!
You are mad!
You are good at making paper planes!
The wind will carry you to victory!

Wind of Revenge is a simple game made by a team of 5 people during the single weekend for the Unreal Engine November Jam.
Your goal is to use various fans to help you aim the paper plane to hit the target - your boss.

Winds of Revenge won the November UE4 jam. Yay!

WASD to move
AD to steer the plane
E and LMB to interact, pickup planes and throw them
Q and RMB to interact, drop planes and cancel charging

All Music provided by www.dl-sounds.com, royalty free.
All SoundFX provided by Universal Sound FX by Imphenzia.
Font: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Montserrat?selec...
EPIC leaderboard plugin : http://www.epicleaderboard.com


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Dismantle the oppressive establishment, BOARD BY BOARD!


y wont it download

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE why is itch like this???????????????????

it will not let me play. it is just full of files

how to play with no money 


this web site is stupid why dont u get the game free??????????????

me: every thing should by free

people that made the web site:  i now im dumb for makeing people pay for games its dumb

(1 edit)

umm when you click download it will show something that says "No, Thanks Bring Me to the downloads" it makes to not pay and play for free superc48


(1 edit)


You pay for games to support the developers, you absolute retard

I can't download on a windows 7


I can't download it


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really nice game,I hope you will make more aewsome games,just it's too laggy,but it's fun

(1 edit)

This game is RAGE inducing. I loved it. Here is my playthrough. Enjoy my pain :)

I cant play, I have no money

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cant i play

i cant play

This is the funnest game I have ever played!

Its over greg... your d34d

I refused to leave my chair till I finished it...So much fun, such a simple yet good idea..I had my laughs LOL 

(1 edit)

I love this game! Please continue working on it, i would pay money for this as a full game!


Do I have to download it?


Someone trying to use your game and images to sell spam on Gamejolt for $45.  I have reported him but thought you should know:  http://gamejolt.com/games/pape...

Thanks for the warning.

Little Lets Play of this game. I've never been so entertained and frustrated at the same time before :D


This game was amazing... I have no idea why getting so aggravated made me so happy but it did. Great job on this one!


Even though i rage quit (hahaha), i can say that this game is so much fun and it's definitely worth playing ! :)

The rage, omg. lol. Great game though!

Mine doesnt work, it says i need to download Microsoft C = = 2015 runtime but i aldready have 2016 version. I did download it, but after that it says "api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dl missing'' or something like that. PLEASE FIX

This game is awesome! HIghly reccomend it! :D

Remember not to hit the " R " key, you'll fucking rage.

Hope my boss doesn't see this

zero out of zero. dont get. waste of time

how do i play

???????? i cant even load up the game

This game is so fun because if you watch youtubers play it you might play the game

Hey Your game is pretty kickass,

I'm working on a video project called time capsules focusing on game indie devs. It's similar to sending a message to your self in 50 years;

Only five questions for my documentary:

1. What feature in your game can the player not experience anywhere else?

2. What's the biggest personal obstacle you had to overcome in creating your game so far? (it could be super technical or anything else that you want to talk about)

3. Who helped you decide to become a game dev?

4. What feature of the game do you absolutely love that no one would probably ever find?

5. What do you believe video games mean to humanity?

First couple of episodes




if you have some game footage or even better developmental footage of errors or other stuff you'd like to show people who have never programmed a day in their life.

also best ways to contact you, and all social media you use because I'll be displaying those through out the episode.

I think if people dig the game and dig your story they might reach out for questions or colabs you really never know what can come of it.

do you think you'd be interested in being my guest?

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