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Cant figure it out, dude. cant play.

Could you please do a native linux port?

How am i supposed to "enjoy the game" if i cant even get on it to play.

Bruh why can't I play this game?

Nice game

): mac plz

He would have to buy a mac if he wanted to add mac suppor

try a vm. 

Bruh... I love this game lo

is it possible to play free?

its free


Dismantle the oppressive establishment, BOARD BY BOARD!


y wont it download


REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE why is itch like this???????????????????

it will not let me play. it is just full of files

same for me

Deleted 2 years ago

Yea me too

how to play with no money 


this web site is stupid why dont u get the game free??????????????

me: every thing should by free

people that made the web site:  i now im dumb for makeing people pay for games its dumb

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umm when you click download it will show something that says "No, Thanks Bring Me to the downloads" it makes to not pay and play for free superc48


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You pay for games to support the developers, you absolute retard

No thanks menu?


I can't download on a windows 7


I can't download it


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really nice game,I hope you will make more aewsome games,just it's too laggy,but it's fun

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This game is RAGE inducing. I loved it. Here is my playthrough. Enjoy my pain :)

I cant play, I have no money

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cant i play

i cant play

This is the funnest game I have ever played!

Its over greg... your d34d

I refused to leave my chair till I finished it...So much fun, such a simple yet good idea..I had my laughs LOL 

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I love this game! Please continue working on it, i would pay money for this as a full game!


Do I have to download it?


Someone trying to use your game and images to sell spam on Gamejolt for $45.  I have reported him but thought you should know:

Thanks for the warning.

Little Lets Play of this game. I've never been so entertained and frustrated at the same time before :D


This game was amazing... I have no idea why getting so aggravated made me so happy but it did. Great job on this one!


Even though i rage quit (hahaha), i can say that this game is so much fun and it's definitely worth playing ! :)

The rage, omg. lol. Great game though!

Mine doesnt work, it says i need to download Microsoft C = = 2015 runtime but i aldready have 2016 version. I did download it, but after that it says "api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dl missing'' or something like that. PLEASE FIX

This game is awesome! HIghly reccomend it! :D

Remember not to hit the " R " key, you'll fucking rage.

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