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this game sucks sooo bad

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This is sooo fun. How do I bend the plane when throwing it? Ohhh A and D. I want to save it :(

Liked the game. Thought it was a lot of fun. Covered it on my channel if you want to check it out!

The game went far beyond my expectations! It's a really cool idea and it's wellmade. I hope you keep adding more levels to the game. It was alot of fun! Thank you guys for the entertainment. :)

how do you play



help me need money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how do I get in to the game

That was a fun game. I almost rage quit but then I pulled through.

Took 111 planes to get to the end, lol.


This game is pretty fun! I got stuck later on, but that's because I ran out of time and didn't try a lot of options. I was so sure that my original method would work lol. Despite my failure at that stage, I like the concept and I like the various ways of interacting with the plane - it's not just the fans but the vents, windows, and other things as well!

I really enjoyed this game. It seems like one of those really fun potential ragdoll physics kind of thing. Are you going to continue with development at all?


i cant don lode it whyyyyy

Great game. Very frustrating at some points, but lots of fun!


So This Game Is Pretty Dope, i bet you anything you will laugh watching me play!

Hey played this game and had quite a bit of fun.

I play a bunch of indie games so check it out :)

It's such a fun idea, but I think that the difficulty ramps up very quickly, with the game not explaining some of the new elements that appears in new levels(like how you can change the air conditioner temperature up or how you can turn on fans).

Aside from that and how the steering of the plane frustrates me, I kept playing and I would love to see a finished version of this with more work put on it.

Congratulations for such a neat game!

Second video on the game so far. Got very challenging thats for sure. Still enjoyed it though, looking forward to completing it (^:

I was terrible...but still had fun :D It's not classified as a puzzle, but it feels like there's at least puzzle aspects to it around a third of the way through. Got horrifically stuck, however XD

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

A settings menu would be nice, motion blur making it about 5 fps and pretty irritating.

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